Business Electricity Rates

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Business electricity rates are more tailored to the individual business as opposed to the residential one size fits all model. Generally speaking, the more power a company uses the better the electric rate that they will be offered. This is not always the case as power demand, the rate and consistency at which power is consumed by a facility, also plays a big factor. However, usually greater consumption is accompanied by greater demand, and thus a lower electricity price if you successfully shop the commercial competitive electricity rate market.

In addition to size, businesses also have the ability to lock their company into a forward contract rate. The decision maker at the business does not need to wait until there is only one month left on their current contract to shop for competitive electric rates and be forced to choose whatever the market is giving at that particular time. Instead, companies can lock in rates six months in advance, and sometimes more depending on the size of the business. This allows a company to lock in a fixed electric rate months before their current contract ends so that they are not stuck with the market prices that are available in their last contracted month.

Search the Maryland business electricity choice market by selecting your utility and monthly electric bill amount below. Our database will pull rates from 5-15 electricity companies, depending on your size and location, and display them in a matrix format allowing you to choose the term and start month of your choosing.

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