Baltimore Energy Choice Results in Savings

Maryland is seeing an increase in the number of participating electricity shoppers. The creation of a competitive Maryland electricity market has created an abundance of electric rate options that customers can now choose between. The infusion of new competitive electricitiy companies in the BG&E service area is helping to spread the word about customer choice when it comes to who you can buy your power and natural gas from. An increase in energy choice awareness can easisly be seen in the number of consumers who are jumping off of their BG&E default rate and onto a lower competitive electric rate plan.

Taking the time to compare electricity rates can provide a number of benefits to Baltimore Gas & Electric customers. Lower electric rates, compared to the BGE price to compare rate, is the biggest reason people start shopping. For some consumers the price for the electricity that they pay is not as much as an issue as how that power is derived. These consumers are willing to pay a premium for their electricity service in order to support green energy alternatives to traditional fossil fuel sources of power. For some customers finding a power company who has superior customer service and billing options will be the reason to switch off of utility service and onto a competitive supplier.

As Maryland’s largest electric utility company servicing 1.1 million residential customers, BG&E consumers have become the target of competitive energy companies looking to grow their businesses by acquiring new customers. The competition has forced electricity prices down resulting in lower BGE electric bills for those consumers who have taken the plunge into Maryland electricity choice. Below are some updated BGE competitive electricity rates.

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