BGE Business Customers can lower their Electric Bill just in time for winter

As winter approaches the colder weather is sure to have a correlating effect to the increase in demand of energy. The BGE price-to-compare rate for small businesses is currently set at 7.722 cents per kWh. The price-to-compare rate is the price given to business customers who have not selected a competitive electric supplier. The price-to-compare [...]

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Maryland Electricity Suppliers Fight for New Customers

The expansion of energy choice participation has seen modest growth over the last year in Maryland despite consumers living in the state's four largest utility areas becoming more aware of their options. Customers who receive their electric bill from BGE&G, PEPCO, Potomac Edison, and Delmarva Power & Light have the ability to shop for a [...]

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Cheapest PEPCO Electricity Company

Through Maryland electricity choice, PEPCO electricity customers have the ability to seek out cheap electricity companies who are offering power supply service in the utility service area. While companies can offer customers numerous benefits to attract their business including rewards programs, different terms, and green energy options to name a few, the key factor remains [...]

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BG&E Power Prices Drop from Electric Choice

Electricity choice is working in Maryland as competition is pushing the price for power down. Maryland's largest electric utility, BG&E, has seen more than 30% of their residential customers shop for competitive power and ultimately select a competitive energy supplier. The majority of these customers are currently paying less on their electricity bills than they [...]

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Baltimore Energy Choice Results in Savings

Maryland is seeing an increase in the number of participating electricity shoppers. The creation of a competitive Maryland electricity market has created an abundance of electric rate options that customers can now choose between. The infusion of new competitive electricitiy companies in the BG&E service area is helping to spread the word about customer choice [...]

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Delmarva MD Power Savings

Delmarva Power customers in Maryland can save big money on their electric bills this summer as competitive energy companies have started offering rates in the area. The default price to compare rose by 11% for Delmarva residential customers on June 1. The price to compare is the electric rate Delmarva customers pay for power supply [...]

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PEPCO Electric Rates Set to Increase in June

PEPCO, the Maryland electric utility company who provides power to just under a half million homes, will increase their price to compare electricity rates in June to 8.97 cents. The price to compare is the rate that customers, who have not shopped and selected an alternative energy company, pay for their generation supply and transmission [...]

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About MD Electric Choice

Many consumers in Maryland may be surprised to learn that the Maryland electricity market has been deregulated since 2004. However, due to political uncertainty and high natural gas prices over the years following 2004, alternative electric suppliers were slow to enter the market. Fast forward to 2011 and the energy landscape in Maryland has changed [...]

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